Waze can already tell you if the route you’re taking home involves taking a toll route but with the latest update, it will now also be able to tell you just how much toll you’ll have to pay. Waze has always known where toll roads are and how drivers can avoid them, this latest update makes the decision to take the toll road easier for drivers by telling them upfront the cost involved.

Waze is rolling out this new update for both its iOS and Android apps starting today. It will display tolls for routes in the United States and Canada.

The toll costs aren’t being tracked by Waze itself, though, as users will actually have to report the prices inside the app. Nevertheless, the data would be enough for users to decide whether they have enough cash on hand to use the toll road if they so desire or just use Waze to navigate around it.

Waze users will certainly be glad that Google continues to improve the app’s functionality ever since it was acquired by the company. Many would have thought that it may give Google Maps all of the attention but that doesn’t appear to be the case so far.

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