While variety and having options is usually a good thing, this can also sometimes create problems. For example, there are different browsers in the market today but they are all built differently, which means that when it comes to compatibility, there are certain things that will work for some browsers and certain things that won’t.

This is why Microsoft had previously announced that they will be rebuilding its Edge browser based on Google’s Chromium platform. If you’re interested in seeing what Edge could be like if it were built on Chromium, you’re in luck because Microsoft has decided to make the browser available for beta testing.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has released its Chromium-based Edge browser for testing. However, unlike previous tests which were more experimental in nature, this particular beta build seems to be stable enough where regular users should not have any issues testing it, although given that it is in beta, expect the usual kinks every now and then.

Speaking to Engadget in an interview, Joe Belfiore, CVP of Microsoft Windows Experiences said, “It’s ready for people to install and use as an ‘everyday browser.’ Beyond the data we also hear a bunch of people saying directly, ‘this is so good, you guys should take it to beta… it’s more stable than we would have expected from a dev or Canary.'” If you’re interested in taking it for a spin, head on over to Microsoft’s website to get your hands on it.

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