Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, many wondered what this could mean for franchises like Deadpool, which are very decidedly very un-Disney in nature due to the risque content. However, Disney stated that they plan to keep making R-rated Deadpool movies, but unfortunately, that will not be extended to Disney+.


According to reporter Eric Vespe, he was recently treated to a Disney+ demo where he also spoke to the rep present. When asked about the possibility of seeing R-rated content from Fox arrive on Disney+, the rep told Vespe that the streaming platform will only show PG-13 content or softer. He then asked if this meant that the “harder” stuff would end up on Hulu, in which the rep said that it was a good assumption without actually confirming anything.

That being said, it’s not surprising that Disney+ will only play home to the more safer and family-friendly content. After all, it is families that they are trying to appeal to, whereas movies are a different story. A kid accidentally stumbling across R-rated content while browsing Disney+ is probably not the kind of publicity that Disney is after.

We’re not sure if there are plans to change this stance in the future, but for now, if you are planning to subscribe to Disney+, then this is something you might want to take into consideration.

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