Image credit – Jane Manchun Wong

When it comes to video conferencing calls, screen sharing is a feature that most would expect to see. This is because video conference would typically be used by companies where they might need to collaborate on a document or a presentation remotely, and sharing a screen is how they can go about sharing information with each other.

If you’re an avid Facebook Messenger user, you might be interested to learn that according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, she has discovered some evidence within Facebook Messenger that suggests that screen sharing is a feature that we might be able to look forward to in the future.

According to Wong, “The Screen Sharing feature is accessible as a button in the Video/Audio call screen. The feature is introduced as “Share Your Screen Together”, that user can share their favorite content with their video chat. When the user turns on the screen share, their camera will be turned off, and everyone in the chat will be able to see the screen.”

That being said, it is unclear when Facebook will release the feature if at all. After all, companies do run tests on new features every now and then, where they could be looking to try out new features internally before deciding if it is good enough to be released. This means that you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet at seeing it anytime soon.

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