There was a point in time where Apple would release iOS updates that were riddled with bugs. Apple later clamped down on this by promising that future updates will have better quality checks, and this was true for a while, but it’s starting to feel like things could be slipping once again.


This is because in yet another iOS 13 bug, it seems to be messing with the way users log into their banking apps. Basically, if you’re still using an iPhone that comes with Touch ID, you might encounter issues where you won’t be able to log into your banking app because the prompt to use Touch ID simply does not appear.

This also seems to affect password managers such as 1Password where the prompt just does not show up. However, as it turns out, the alert dialog box for Touch ID is actually still there, it’s just not being shown due to a bug. There is no fix at the moment, but it seems that you can go ahead and authenticate yourself normally by placing your finger on the Touch ID button.

We’re not sure why the prompt isn’t showing up, but we imagine that this might be frustrating to users who do not know that it is there, simply just hidden. Recently, there have been several other bugs discovered in iOS 13, one of which granted third-party keyboards full access even if the user did not grant it.

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