The Philips Hue series of lights are smart lights which means that they can be controlled by an app or a smart speaker to turn on or off or react to schedules. However, if you wanted to get more out of your smart lights, then perhaps you might be interested to learn that the company has launched what they are calling the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

The name itself is already pretty self-explanatory where it will be a device that will sync your lights with HDMI devices connected to it, such as a TV. This means that when you connect it to your TV, whatever’s playing on the screen at the moment like a TV show or a movie, it will attempt to sync what’s going on in the scene with your lights.

Given that it connects using HDMI and offers a connection of up to four HDMI devices, you can even sync it with your console. The end result should be a more immersive experience, although this will depend on your preference and whether or not you enjoy having your lights frequently changed.

This is actually not the first time that we’ve seen light syncing with the Philips Hue. Previously, the company had launched a similar feature for Xbox consoles, and just last year they brought the feature to Razer products as well.

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