A lot of the things we use in our homes these days are powered by electricity, and when you add that all up, it basically means that a ton of energy gets used. Multiply that by the entire country and we’re looking at an insane amount of energy that is being used and demanded on a daily basis.

This is why there is an increasing call to focus more on renewable sources of energy, and both Sony and Microsoft are pledging to do their part. As part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance during the UN Climate Summit, both Microsoft and Sony have announced that they will be taking steps to ensure that their consoles will be more environmentally friendly.

From Microsoft’s end, the company will be launching a pilot program that will create 825,000 carbon neutral Xbox consoles. According to Microsoft, “These are the first gaming consoles to be carbon neutral. While just a pilot, we’re already looking at what we can do to further reduce and neutralize carbon across devices in the future.”

As for Sony, they will be focusing on ensuring that the PS5 will be as energy efficient as possible. This comes in the form of an improved low-power suspend mode that will be more efficient than the PS4. According to Sony, they claim that if 1 million PS5 gamers were to utilize that feature, it would save the equivalent of the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes.

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