Wearing clothes that are clean and well-taken care of is one way that you can make yourself look presentable without having to spend too much money on fancy brands. However, if you can’t be bothered to maintain your clothes, you might be interested in getting a little outside help, which is what Samsung is proposing.

The company has taken the wraps off the AirDresser, which the company claims is a device designed to help keep your clothes fresh. It has been designed to look like a wardrobe and will come with Samsung’s Jet Air system and Air Hangers. What this does is that it will blow streams of air onto the clothes that are hung in the AirDresser.

The idea is that these streams of air will help loosen and blow off any dust that might have accumulated on your clothes. It also helps to sanitize your clothes from bacteria, while the built-in Heatpump Drying system will dry your damp or wet clothes at lower temperatures. The idea is that by doing so at a lower temperature, it will prevent shrinkage or any damage that might be caused by h eat.

Samsung would not be the first company to introduce such a system. Some of you might recall that earlier this year, LG also debuted something similar called the LG Styler. Samsung has yet to announce how much the AirDresser will cost, but we imagine it won’t be cheap.

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