Streaming services like Spotify offer up family plans which allows multiple users to enjoy a subscription at the same time at a cheaper rate. This is ideal for families where instead of paying for four separate subscriptions, you can just pay for one at a slightly more affordable price.


However, as expected, users have been abusing these plans where instead of being shared amongst family members, they are shared amongst friends or even strangers. Last year, Spotify started cracking down on this abuse and now it looks like they might have come up with a way to fight it, even if it means tracking your location.

According to CNET, it appears that Spotify has recently updated its terms and conditions for its Premium Family subscribers, where from time to time, you might be asked to provide your current location to “prove” that you are a family living together. According to the terms and conditions, activating the Premium Family account will require users to verify their home address.

In a statement made in response to those balking at this request, Spotify said, “This data is encrypted and can be edited by the plan owner as needed. The location data that is collected during Premium Family account creation is only used by Spotify for that purpose.” If you’re uncomfortable with these new changes, you will have up to 30 days to cancel your subscription after these new terms come into effect.

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