When it comes to animals supporting human beings, the most common animal you might find is a dog. Dogs have been used to help guide people that are visually impaired. They have also been used as emotional support animals where they bring a degree of emotional support and comfort to people that might need them.


Now, emotional support animals aren’t limited to dogs, but we think that this might have taken the cake. According to reports, it seems that a woman by the name of Abrea Hensley brought her emotional support horse with her on her flight on American Airlines. Of course, this is not a full-sized horse but rather a mini one that managed to fit onto the plane.

A photo was later posted on Instagram where the flight crew posed with the mini horse who goes by the name Flirty. According to Hensley, Flirty is also welcomed in her home town where she goes to the movies with the horse, grocery shopping, and even to doctor appointments. While it seems that the crew seemed delighted by Flirty’s presence, according to Hensley, not all businesses have reacted positively.

She claims that there have been instances where she was kicked out of stores and treated poorly. In a statement made to the Today Show, an American Airlines representative said, “We recognize the important role trained service dogs, cats and miniature horses can play in the lives of those with disabilities.”

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