Disney+ will be launching next month and we’re sure that are many are excited for it. After all, a lot of us grew up watching Disney shows as well as the other brands that Disney has under its umbrella, like Marvel and Star Wars. That being said, if you’re skeptical about whether or not to sign up for the service because you’re not sure what to expect, Disney is here to clear that up.

On the official Disney+ Twitter account, the company has tweeted out all the shows that will be available on its platform at launch, or according to Disney, “basically everything”. We’re not sure if the company might have left off minor and smaller shows, but if you want to see what Disney+ has to offer, you can check out the massive Twitter thread to get an idea, although you might recognize a lot of them as a lot of these shows are based on existing IPs.

Now, obviously given that Disney+ will be a new service, it won’t be as populated compared to its rivals like Netflix. However, we do know that the company is developing a ton of shows and movies for the platform, so expect that eventually, it should have a pretty massive catalogue. Disney+ will be launching on the 12th of November.

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