Image credit – Yongshan Police

Drones are great for photography and videography, but it seems that drones are now an excellent tool for law enforcement. According to a report from the New Zealand Herald, it seems that a Chinese fugitive on the run from authorities for the past 17 years was finally caught after a drone had spotted him living in a secret cave.

The fugitive, a 63-year old by the name of Song Jiang, escaped a prison camp back in 2002. He had been previously arrested for trafficking women and children. Law enforcement officials had spent years trying to track the sneaky fellow but without much luck, until a drone was brought in and upon aerial surveillance, it showed signs that Song could be hiding in the mountains.

The key giveaway to his whereabouts was a blue piece of steel sticking out amongst the trees in the forest, and upon further inspection, police found that the piece of steel was used to cover a cave, which was littered around by human garbage. The police then sent officers up into the forest where they found Song hiding in his cave.

It turns out that life on the run was not kind to Song as he was discovered in quite bad shape and was also unable to communicate due to years of isolation. He later confessed to escaping from prison and was later sent back.

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