So Disney Plus will be launching next month and given the breadth of Disney’s catalogue and the various franchises under its umbrella, it is understandable that many are eagerly anticipating its release. However, before you get too excited, it seems that there is a chance that Disney Plus might not work on your device.

This is according to Linux developer Hansdegoede, who found that due to Disney’s strict DRM requirements, there might be some devices that won’t work with it. Many streaming services, Disney Plus included, use the Widevine DRM. This DRM has multiple levels to it, and for the most part, many streaming services typically use level 1.

However, it has been discovered that Disney Plus will actually require a level 3 Widevine DRM, meaning that only devices that meet the requirement level will be able to stream content from the platform. This effectively rules out devices that run on Linux, as well as older Chromebooks and also Android devices.

The semi-good news is that Disney has told Hansdegoede that they are working on resolving this issue, which we guess means it wasn’t intentional, but to date the error message continues to persist. Hopefully, Disney would have managed to figure it before Disney Plus is released, if not there will be some unhappy customers.

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