Like most instruments, guitars are typically made using wood. This is because of the natural acoustic properties of wood that makes it a better material when it comes to musical instruments. However, this does not mean that other materials can’t be used, which is what Art Mayer did with this guitar he created called the iCaster.

Why the name? This is because this is a guitar shaped like a Telecaster guitar but has been made entirely out of iPhones, or to be exact, 107 iPhones, hence the name. You can watch the video above to get an idea of how it was all put together, but basically, the thickness of the guitar’s made was made from about four iPhones that were all glued together before it was smoothed out.

He then added a mahogany sustain block, added a Tele-style bridge, a pair of single-coil guitar pickups, and before you knew it, he had a fully functional electric guitar in his hands. While it might sound normal to an untrained ear, according to Mayer, “Surprisingly, iPhones really give a lot of high frequencies, despite the fact that the sustain block of the guitar is made of mahogany.”

This isn’t the first Frankenstein build that Mayer has put together. Previously, he had actually built an entire guitar made out of ramen noodle packs.

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