Our smartphones have come a very long way since cameras were first introduced to phones. These days, capturing video at high resolutions and high frame rates has become the norm, and because phones lack the space that cameras have, companies have come up with rather innovative ideas on how to achieve certain effects and quality that used to be only available on dedicated cameras.

Apple showed off a ton of their tech during the iPhone 11 launch back in September, and to prove just how capable it is, it seems that the latest music video from Selena Gomez for her song, “Lose You to Love Me”, it was shot in its entirety on the iPhone 11 Pro. Directed and shot by Sophie Muller, while it’s not necessarily the most complex of music videos we’ve seen, it suits the song, and it also shows off the quality at which the iPhone 11 Pro can capture videos at.

Some of the new features we’ve seen Apple introduce to the iPhone 11 Pro is the ability for users to capture footage using the individual lenses on the phone. This has led to some pretty cool effects and uses for the camera that were not possible with older iPhone models, even those with dual lenses.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera and how it performs and holds up to the competition, be sure to check out our comprehensive review.

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