apple logoCar sickness is something that people suffer from, but it seems that when it comes to self-driving cars, it can be made worse. Companies such as Uber have been working on coming up with ways to try and combat that, and now it looks like Apple could be working on something similar as well.


In a recently discovered patent, Apple seems to have patented a method that could potentially reduce motion sickness while in cars. However, Apple’s system seems a tad unrealistic as it involves the use of a VR headset. According to the patent, it describes how the headset can match visual cues with physical motions that the passenger experiences, thus offsetting any motion sickness that they might encounter during the drive.

It’s not a very practical system as we don’t think it makes sense to require passengers to wear VR headsets when getting into the car, but what’s interesting is that this speaks to Apple’s rumored plans for an AR headset. As per the rumors, Apple is working on a headset that could actually debut next year.

There have also been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually be planning on working towards making a headset that could maybe replace the iPhone. Assuming that enough people start donning these headsets, we suppose this patent would make a lot more sense, but until then, chalk this up to yet another crazy idea.

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