AI has been steadily finding its way into our healthcare industry, where due to its speed and ability to spot things that a human might not, it has been used for diagnosis where it can potentially spot health problems way before they happen or become too serious for it to be treated.

We’ve seen this used with breast cancer detection and lung cancer, and now it looks like Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have developed an AI tool that is capable of detecting cervical cancer. While this can be used to detect the disease in patients that human doctors might otherwise miss, it has been suggested that this could also be used in populous countries, such as India, where the volume of patients might be too many and tests and detection could take longer than normal.

According to Microsoft, “The AI model can now differentiate between normal and abnormal smear slides with accuracy and is currently under validation in labs. It can also classify smear slides based on the seven-subtypes of cervical cytopathological scale. The classification includes interpretations ranging between normal and the pre-cancerous to cancerous stages.”

With the use of this AI tool, it can help doctors serve more patients, especially since it has been pointed out that over in India, about 67,000 women die each year from cervical cancer.

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