With Apple ditching Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, it feels like the company could be ready to completely give up the technology, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. According to a recently discovered patent, it only seems to fuel the rumors that Apple could actually be looking to bring an in-display fingerprint sensor to future iPhones.

According to the patent’s description, it reads, “Touch screens, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease and versatility of operation as well as their declining price. Touch screens can include a touch sensor and a display device positioned partially or fully behind the touch sensor so that the touch-sensitive surface can cover at least a portion of the active area of the display device.”

There have been rumors that for 2020’s iPhone, Apple could actually be looking to bring back Touch ID by embedding it into the display of the phone. Other companies such as OnePlus and Samsung have already launched similar devices, so in this instance, Apple would actually be late to the party.

While Apple is most probably not ditching Face ID, giving users more options to unlock their devices is not necessarily a bad thing. Whether or not this patent is realized remains to be seen.

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