The new coronavirus is proving to be a bigger issue than some had initially thought, where it seems to be spreading to various parts of the world despite the best efforts by various governments and health organizations to contain it. However, there is some good news as over in Australia, scientists have managed to recreate the virus in a lab.

Now, some might be thinking, why on earth would you want to recreate such a deadly disease? This is because by being able to replicate the virus in a lab, it would be useful when it comes to testing vaccines against it. It will also allow scientists to better understand the nature of the virus which in turn would help develop a test to see if a person is infected with it before they start showing symptoms.

The lab in Australia will be sharing their findings with the WHO, who will then be sharing it with labs around the world in a race to try and find a vaccine as quickly as possible. It should be noted that the Australian lab is actually not the first to have recreated it. A lab in China is said to have done so as well, but they did not make their findings available to the WHO.

Previously, it was also reported that over in Hong Kong, researchers have managed to create a potential vaccine for the virus, although they suggested that it could be a while before it makes its way to humans. However, the recent success of the Australian lab could potentially help speed things up.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to keep track of where the virus has spread, you’ll be able to do so via an online tracker.

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