With most of Apple’s products, it is usually the company who decides how your devices function. This means that compared to other products and platforms, users do not have much control over it. For example, when it comes to determining whether to use the discrete GPU versus the GPU on the motherboard, this is entirely left to macOS to decide.

However, it seems that in the future, Apple could be giving users a bit more control over how their computers operate. This is according to the folks at 9to5Mac who discovered some code that hints that Apple could be looking to introduce a “Pro Mode”. This would effectively override certain restrictions, such as fan speed and energy savings in a bid to boost the overall performance of the computer.

We’re not sure what kind of difference Pro Mode will make and how big of a performance boost we can expect, but it will give users a bit more control and options if they need to increase the performance gains from their computers. It has also been suggested that similar to Do Not Disturb, Pro Mode will be a temporary feature and will revert back after a day of it being enabled.

At the moment, it has been suggested that Pro Mode could only be available for the MacBook laptops, so it is unclear if it could find its way into other Mac computers in the future as well.

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