It has been suggested that wearing a face mask is one of the ways you can protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak. However, the problem with face masks is that it interferes with the way we use our phones, especially iPhones that rely on Face ID to unlock as Apple has designed it so that it cannot be beaten by masks.


Or can it? Designer and artist Danielle Baskin has launched a new project called Resting Risk Face, where your face, or at least part of your face, will be printed onto an N95 mask. This means that when you wear the mask and try to use Face ID, in theory it should “complete” your face and thus allow you to unlock your device.

It will be more than just printing your face and likeness. According to its website, it will use computational mapping to make sure that your face is printed onto the mask properly and without distortion. That being said, we should point out that at the moment we have no idea if Baskin’s idea will work and whether it can fool Face ID into unlocking iPhones.

It is also not available for purchase yet, where according to Baskin, production will only begin once the global mask shortage comes to an end. It will also not be cheap where it has been noted that each mask is expected to retail for $40.

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