Earlier this month, the iOS 13.4 beta revealed that Apple had an upcoming feature in the form of a digital car key, where users would, in theory, be able to use their iPhones to unlock their (compatible) cars. Now upon further investigation, more details about the upcoming feature has been revealed.


As with smart locks, it seems that the CarKey feature of iOS will actually allow users to send digital keys to other users through the Messages app. This means that in theory, you could send the keys to your car to someone, like a friend or family member, over a text message and they’ll be able to unlock your car.

This will be useful if you’re overseas and you need someone to move your car. It can also be handy if someone left something in your car and they need to get it, but you can’t meet them and unlock the car for them. It has also been suggested that this could be useful for services like valet, where you can create a temporary key while retaining the actual physical one yourself for safety and security reasons.

While such technology isn’t exactly new, it is expected that Apple could be working with car makers to integrate the feature into cars, much like CarPlay. We’re not sure if there could be an aftermarket version, but we’ll have to wait for the feature to officially launch before we can get more details about it.

Apple has been rumored to be hosting an event on the 31st of March where they will be announcing the new iPhone SE 2. Assuming iOS 13.4 hasn’t been launched then, perhaps we will hear more about the feature then.

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