Recently there was a report that suggested that Apple’s iPhone SE 2 could be delayed. The report claims that Apple is already close to completing production, but have told their PCB suppliers to defer the shipments of the PCB for now, thus leading to speculation that it might only launch in Q2 2020.

Unfortunately, it looks like that delay could also extend to the flagship iPhones that will be launching later this year. This is according to a report from Bloomberg which quotes analysts from the Bank of America, where they claim that they believe that the 5G iPhone could actually be delayed by a month.

That being said, we can’t say that we are too surprised. This is because Apple relies heavily on China for manufacturing, and with many factories being forced to close and with people being quarantined, there is no doubt a huge backlog that is building up. This means that even when the factories reopen, they will need to catch up with previous orders, which in turn could impact the production of the iPhone 12.

That being said, we can’t say for sure if the 5G iPhones will really be delayed, but if you are planning on upgrading, then perhaps it might be a good idea to be prepared to wait.

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