Due to how big of an impact the coronavirus is having on the world’s economy, there are some people who might be out of a job. As such, some might not even be able to make ends meet, such as paying rent, paying for utilities, food, let alone credit card payments. The good news is that Apple is trying to do their part to help.

The company has informed Apple Card holders who might be impacted by the coronavirus that they will be able to enroll themselves in a new financial assistance program. By taking part in this program, it will let them skip March’s payment without incurring any financial penalties, such as late fees or interest in that particular billing cycle.

It should be noted that customers will still need to pay their bills eventually, it’s just that if you don’t have enough money for the month of March to pay off March’s bill, you can skip it and pay it off next month without worrying about late fees or interest.

According to the email sent out by Apple to Apple Card holders, “We understand that the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments. Apple Card is committed to helping you lead a healthier financial life.”

In the meantime, US carriers have also announced that they will be temporarily suspending account cancellations and waiving late fees.

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