One of the things that not many people know about face masks is that they need to be removed properly and in a certain way, otherwise you could end up infecting yourself anyway. Also, the way face masks are designed, they don’t allow for you to drink or eat, but thanks to a patent filed by TVXQ’s Yunho in Korea, he has come up with a design that could solve that problem.


For those unfamiliar, Yunho is part of TVXQ, one of the more popular K-Pop groups in the world. In a filing made on the 3rd of March, Yunho submitted a patent for a mask design that comes with a detachable cap on the front where the mouth is, where removing it would allow the user to drink using a straw.

This means that the wearer will not have to take the mask off, which in turn reduces the chances of them doing it wrongly and getting themselves sick. That being said, we’re not sure how advisable it is to remove the cap given that it then exposes the user to outside air and bacteria, but it’s still an intriguing idea nonetheless.

Given the rise in demand for face masks amidst the coronavirus outbreak, this could come in handy for many. According to Yunho, “I wear masks often, and wondered, ‘Is there a way to drink water easily without removing the mask?’. I thought about it with a friend, and ended up filing a patent for the design.”

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