With more people staying home to work and study, internet services have become more essential than ever. The other day, some of Google’s services suffered a brief outage, leading some to question if Google’s servers are equipped to handle the influx of internet traffic now that more people are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Google’s Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure, Urs Holzle, has since penned a blog post in which he reassures Google users that the company is more than capable of “handling the load”.

According to Holzle, “Google’s network supports products that people around the world rely on every day, like YouTube, Search, Maps and Gmail. It also connects Google Cloud customers to their employees and users. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and more people move to working or learning from home, it’s natural to wonder whether the Google network can handle the load. The short answer is yes.”

He goes on to state that Google’s network has been designed to perform even during times of high demand, such as peak periods of traffic like Cyber Monday, the World Cup finals, and so on. Holzle also acknowledges that there is currently a surge in traffic for some of their services like Hangouts Meet, but reassures that these traffic levels are well within Google’s ability.

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