One of the problems with testing for illnesses is the waiting period. This can be nerve-wrecking because the uncertainty can cause a lot of undue stress in people. Given the current coronavirus outbreak plaguing the world, we’re sure that there are many people out there who are understandably worried.


However, over in Japan, a group of researchers have managed to create a coronavirus testing kit that they claim will be able to yield results in just 10 minutes. While it is not a cure, it will at least bring some relief to people who might have coronavirus-like symptoms, but are unsure if they have contracted the disease.

The testing kit is currently undergoing clinical trials in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan and it involves taking a swab from the nose or throat of the patient, and using fluorescent dye to show whether or not the person is infected with the virus. The kit itself is also relatively small and compact and weighs 2.4kg, making it ideal to be brought around and used around the country.

The 10 minute testing time is also faster than some other methods that were developed in other countries, such as Canada where researchers there developed a 30 minute testing kit.

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