With more people working from home these days, it seems that Zoom has seen a sudden surge in popularity. For those who are unfamiliar, Zoom is an app that allows people to hold video conferences together, and what makes it different from other apps is that it has a feature that lets the host know if the user has navigated away from the active Zoom window for more than 30 seconds.

This means that during meetings or online classes, if you think you can switch apps while the other person talks, the app will tell on you. However, it seems that some Zoom users have gotten pretty creative with how they are beating the app’s feature, where some have created looping videos to make it look like they’re paying attention, while others have created a custom background which features their still image.


What this allows is that as far as the host is concerned, they think you’re still in the meeting, but you could be off doing something else like lying down on your bed, playing games, eating, and so on. It is actually pretty hilarious, although it should be noted that creating a custom Zoom background is a paid feature that costs $500 a year as it is part of the Zoom Rooms subscription.

However, there is a chance that if you’re using Zoom for work or school, your company or your school might have already paid for it. If not, then we guess you’d be out of luck.

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