Have you ever wondered why everyone who posts on TikTok looks so “attractive”? Could it just be a platform that only seems to attract good-looking people? If you’ve actually come to that realization, it seems that it might have been done on purpose, at least that’s according to a report from The Intercept.


According to the publication, they have managed to obtain internal documents that TikTok allegedly gave to its moderators, where they were seemingly instructed to suppress videos that featured “ugly” people as well as “poor” people in a bid to attract more users to its platform, presumably to try and make itself look like a hip and fun app for youngsters.

The reasoning behind these policies is that it would “decrease the short-term new user retention rate”, where they were apparently worried that videos that showed “ugly” people or “poor” people would make it difficult for the platform’s algorithms to recommend new videos for users to watch and to stay on its platform.

TikTok has since responded to the documents obtained by The Intercept, where company spokesperson Josh Gartner told the publication that “most of” the livestream guidelines are “either no longer in use” or in some cases, “never have been in place”. They also tried to justify it by claiming that this was done to prevent bullying on its platform, where they might be worried that these so-called “undesirable” videos could result in negative unwanted attention towards the original poster.

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