When Nintendo first revealed that they were working on a new console which eventually launched as the Switch, the company was understandably cautious and guarded with the design as they did not want to give away its secrets ahead of the launch. When the Switch was eventually released, many lauded its uniqueness.


However, the idea of detachable controllers aren’t new, which is why Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo. That lawsuit was eventually ruled in Nintendo’s favor back in March 2020, but it seems that Gamevice isn’t giving up yet and has since filed a new lawsuit while appealing its previous one, and in the process they’re trying to stop the Switch from being imported and sold in the US.

According to this new lawsuit, Gamevice claims that they were awarded a patent for a game controller back in August that they allege Nintendo has infringed upon. If you’re unfamiliar, the photo above shows Gamevice’s controller which was designed for smartphones. It attaches controllers to either side of your smartphone, thus making it easier for you to play your games on.

We have to admit that the concept does seem similar to the Nintendo Switch, although presumably Nintendo’s lawyers and the judge that ruled over the case probably felt differently. Whether or not Nintendo will be successful in defending this new lawsuit remains to be seen, but either way it looks like their legal woes aren’t over year.

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