From time to time, we see companies release new and updated products that come with support for smart home platforms like Apple’s HomeKit. While this is good for new customers, it isn’t as good for existing customers who might need to fork out extra cash just to get the connectivity.

The good news is that if you own the Logitech Circle 2 wireless model and want to give it HomeKit compatibility, you’re in luck because all it will cost you is a small strip of electric tape. Now, for those unfamiliar, the Circle 2 camera comes in two models: a wired model and wireless model that relies on a battery. The wired model has support for HomeKit, but the wireless model does not, despite them essentially being the same device.

However, a video posted onto YouTube by Rey G is showing that by taping over the pins of the wireless Circle 2 camera, it tricks it into thinking that it is connected to the wired mount, which then allows the software on it to work with HomeKit. This “hack” was discovered after a Logitech service rep revealed that the wireless version of the Circle 2 could be made HomeKit compatible by placing it into the wired mount.

But for those who do not have the mount, then this electric tape hack seems to do the trick. However, it has been pointed out that the battery life of the device when connected to HomeKit is extremely bad, so you might find yourself having to recharge it more often than you would like, but it is a cheap hack that will work in a pinch.

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