Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the butt of many jokes back in the day, but to Microsoft’s credit, they did improve on the browser over the years, although unfortunately, it never did quite manage to shake its poor reputation. This is why Microsoft introduced a new browser called Edge with Windows 10.

It looks like Microsoft’s decision proved to be a good one because according to the usage stats shared by NetMarketShare, Microsoft’s Edge browser is now the world’s second most popular browser. Previously, that honor went to Mozilla’s Firefox who had a browser market share of 7.2%, but it looks like Microsoft Edge has since managed to edge out the competition (pun intended) by claiming a 7.6% market share.

However, Google’s Chrome browser is still very much the dominant browser which commands a whopping 68.5% of the browser market, so we imagine that it would be a very long time before any of the competition catches up, if at all. We also imagine that Microsoft’s decision to rebuild Edge using Chromium (the same platform Chrome is built on) probably helped.

This is because by using Chromium, Edge will now be more compatible with more websites and also be able to use the same browser extensions as Chrome, meaning that users won’t need to compromise on certain extensions if they decide to stop using Chrome.

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