In the early days of the iPad, it was largely seen as a bigger version of the iPhone where for the most part, it had all the features and functionality of the iPhone except on a larger screen. However, in recent years, Apple has made various changes and improvements to the iPad that have slowly transformed it into a potential laptop replacement.

One of those changes came in 2019 with iPadOS 13, where it allowed users to open multiple windows of the same app. For those who use Microsoft Word on their iPad, there is some good news on that front because it looks like Microsoft is now testing allowing users to open multiple documents on their iPad at the same time.

For those unfamiliar, this is thanks to the multi-window feature introduced in iPadOS 13. Previously the iPad would allow users to open multiple apps at the same time with multitasking, but with multi-window support, users can open multiple windows of the same app at once. For example, you could have one document in Word with your notes and outlines, and the other document could be where you type it out in full.

That being said, multi-window support for both Word and PowerPoint are currently in testing for Office Insiders, but it shouldn’t be too long where it will be made available to all users.

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