Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time can get slightly uncomfortable. This is because if face masks are worn properly, it is meant to help create a seal around your nose and mouth so help prevent bacteria and particles from coming in through the sides. As a result, it does end up restricting your breathing by a bit.

However, a YouTuber by the name of DesignMaker has created a robotic mask that comes with a bunch of electronic components and sensors where one of its main abilities is that it can automatically open and close. This will be done whenever it senses that there are people around, in which the mask closes up. However, when there is no one around, it will open up to allow for better airflow.

That being said, we have to wonder about the practicality of such a mask since it requires quite a lot of components. Plus, there is no way that this type of mask will be lighter compared to regular surgical/N95 face masks. The upside is that it is at least reusable and also “smart”, which reduces the need for us to take our masks on and off when we need to take a drink or to eat.

However, like we said, it doesn’t seem very practical for everyday use, but it is still a pretty clever invention anyway. The added bonus is that if you’re into steampunk or sci-fi, then this would make the perfect accessory.

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