It is no secret that mechanical keyboards are loved and hated by many. Those who hate on it generally do so because of the sound, where especially if you work in an office environment, the constant clicking and clacking could drive some crazy. However, it seems that YouTuber Jatin Patel might have taken the cake with what could be the world’s loudest and most potentially annoying keyboard.


The keyboard that Patel uses is a SteelSeries keyboard, which isn’t particularly loud to begin with, but Patel decided that he wanted to mimic the feel of typing on a typewriter (which can be loud), so he cooked up this little DIY project. What he did was he took a handful of solenoids mounted to a long wooden board.

He then wrote a custom script so that whenever he typed on his keyboard, it sends a signal to an Arduino board connected via USB which then triggers the solenoids to fire. This means that every keystroke he performs, the solenoid’s piston would fire, thus creating an extremely loud clack.

The wooden board is also connected to a pulley system that moved in small increments every time a key is pressed, ultimately mimicking not just the sound, but the operation of a typewriter. Safe to say that if this was a setup used in an office, Patel’s co-workers would no doubt lose their minds, but speaking as a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, it actually sounds extremely satisfying.

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