Image credit – University College London

As we get older, our eyesight is one of the things that starts to go, which is why they say that when we are young, we should take better care of our eyes so that in the future, any issues we have might not be quite as severe. However, thanks to science and technology, perhaps there might be a way to treat it.

In a study published in The Journals of Gerontology, scientists in the UK have discovered that by getting their subjects to stare into a red light emitted at a certain frequency (the light wavelengths were 670nm), it allowed the subjects to see better in the dark while also being able to better distinguish colors.

Now before you run off to grab a red torchlight and stare into it, note that this test involved a very small number of test subjects – 24 to be exact. It was also found that the improvements were mostly seen by those who were aged over 40 years old, meaning that any improvements that can be had will most likely be felt by those who are older than those under 40.

While it sounds like a rather strange experiment to use red light, isn’t not exactly new. There are skin treatments that rely on red light due to the wavelengths emitted by such light. It is believed that lights emitted at that particular wavelength have the ability to regenerate mitochondria. It is an interesting study and it will probably require a lot more research and more subjects to see if it is truly effective.

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