The problem with wearables like smart glasses is that it is under the assumption that the wearer has perfect vision and does not need to wear either prescription glasses or contact lenses. Given that glasses are also a way for people to express themselves in terms of fashion, it would be near impossible for a company to create a wearable that would please everyone.

However, it seems that Apple thinks that they might have the solution to that problem in the form of a pair of AR glasses that can automatically adjust itself according to the user’s needs. This comes in the form of a patent discovered by AppleInsider which proposes a system where for each eye, the headset would contain several lenses that can be adjusted.

Based on the prescription information of the glasses or lenses that the user requires, the headset can then automatically adjust the lenses to help “correct” the user’s vision, which we suppose could be thought of like a pair of dynamic prescription glasses. This means that in theory, at least based on the patent, users could easily change the position of the lenses for when their power increases, or if they feel like it isn’t right or clear enough.

The way prescription glasses work is that they tend to be “fixed” in terms of their lens power, meaning that over time as our eyesight starts to get worse, we’ll need to make a trip to the optician to get new lenses to better suit our needs. That being said, this is only a patent and it sounds rather ambitious, so whether or not it will be made a reality remains to be seen.

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