The Apple Pencil is currently two-generations in, but it has so far only been offered in one color finish – white. However, a tweet by Mr White claims that Apple could actually be preparing a new color option for the Apple Pencil and that this time round, it might be launched in a brand new black finish.

Apart from the color finish, it seems that for the most part, the Apple Pencil itself will remain unchanged in terms of its functionality and design, so this seems more like a new color option and that’s it. It is unclear when this new Apple Pencil could be announced, but it seems unlikely that it would warrant its own event, so maybe we might hear more about Apple’s online WWDC 2020 event which is taking place later this month.

Apple hasn’t exactly messed around with colors much for its products, but in recent years, they started introducing more color options for its computers like the MacBook. They even launched the iMac Pro in a space grey finish complete with brand new accessories to match the new color scheme, so it isn’t exactly a stretch of the imagination to think that the Apple Pencil could be launched in black.

At the moment, there are some stickers and sleeves for the Apple Pencil that you can check out in case you want to give it a new look.

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