When you think of Bose, you might think of the company that makes headphones. However, in the past couple of years, Bose has expanded on what they do and dipped their toes into augmented reality with a pair of smart glasses. Unfortunately, it seems that the company has decided not to pursue the tech any further.

In a statement made to Protocol, a Bose spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We learned a lot — mostly, that our work in AR delivered compelling customer experiences based on specific interests and specific use cases, not for broad, daily use. So, we decided to stop working on third-party developer apps and won’t be supporting them beyond mid-July.”

It’s actually interesting that Bose is looking to call it quits on AR, especially when other companies such as Apple are said to be forging ahead with their own AR solutions. The smart glasses concept is admittedly a rather hard sell, especially in this day and age where privacy seems to matter more than ever, what with us being more connected.

Bose would not be the first company to call it quits though, even larger tech firms such as Google had to pull the plug on their Google Glass wearable after it failed to gain mainstream attention.

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