Drones are great for photography and videography, and since they’re relatively inexpensive, they’re easily accessible to many. However, some have also taken the opportunity to use drones for illegal activity, such is the case where over in Singapore, four suspects were arrested after it was discovered they were trying to smuggle drugs from Singapore across the border to Malaysia.

According to Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau, local police detected what they claimed to be “unusual manned aircraft activity” at the Kranji Reservoir Park. They were then sent there for further investigation where they discovered a drone with a bag attached to it hovering in the air, where they later found two of the four suspects operating the drone.

Upon further investigation, they discovered that the bag contained a variety of controlled substances, and after looking through the car belonging to the suspects, they found additional illegal drugs such as Ice, heroin, and Ectasy tablets.

According to the press release from the CNB, “The two men were suspected to have operated the unmanned aircraft from Singapore, to import drugs from Malaysia. The flight data retrieved from one of the suspects’ phone showed that the unmanned aircraft had flown from Kranji to Johor Bahru and back again to Kranji that day.”

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about drones are being used for illegal activity. In the past, we have seen how drones were used to smuggle drugs and other contraband into prison, and several years ago, there was even an attempted prison escape where a drone was used to help deliver the tools the prisoners needed.

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