Last month, Fujifilm announced that they would be releasing the Fujifilm X Webcam software for computers. In case you missed the announcement, basically this is a software that turns Fujifilm digital cameras into webcams pretty much as a plug-and-play method, and the good news is that it will be coming to Mac computers next month.

When the company initially announced the release of the software, it was only available for PCs, but with this update, Fujifilm has confirmed that development of the macOS version is in development and is expected to be released around mid-July (no specific mention of dates, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled).

This is great news for Mac users and also Fujifilm users who are learning about this for the first time. Prior to this, it was possible to turn a digital camera into a webcam. However, for the most part it was a somewhat complicated process that involved the use of additional accessories and third-party software.

However, with the release of official software, you can essentially plug in your digital camera, fire up the software, and you’d be good to go. Fujifilm is of course not the only company to do this as Canon had previously launched a similar webcam software for its own lineup of cameras.

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