Like most spreadsheet software, Google Sheets lets users enter various formulas to help calculate things and also fill up text fields. Users will also be able to populate fields by dragging the formula across various fields to make things quicker and easier, but it isn’t always very smart.

While it is great at calculating mathematical formulas, it doesn’t do so well with text, but that’s something Google is addressing in a recent update to Sheets where they are introducing what they are calling “Smart Fill”. As TechCrunch points out, you could think of this as being similar to Gmail’s “Smart Compose” feature where Sheets can recommend you formulas to use and will also be smarter at filling out text fields.

According to Google, “Say you have a column of full names, but you want to split it into two columns (first and last name, for example). As you start typing first names into a column, Sheets will automatically detect the pattern, generate the corresponding formula, and then autocomplete the rest of the column for you.”

In addition to Smart Fill, Google has also introduced a Smart Cleanup tool that allows users to clean up data in their spreadsheets by looking for duplicate rows and other formatting issues. These are merely suggestions and users are free to ignore them if they feel like it’s not necessary.

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