According to a recent report, it was suggested that Apple might not bundle the EarPods with the iPhone 12. In a way it make sense as it would help tempt and encourage customers to pick up the AirPods in its place. However, a new report from analysts at Barclays have suggested something even more outrageous – no bundled charger.

Yup, according to a research note obtained by MacRumors, it seems that the analysts at Barclays believe that Apple might not even bother bundling a power adapter with the iPhone 12. Instead, Apple will only be providing users with a USB-C to Lightning cable, which we imagine will make things even worse.

This is because if you’re an Apple customer who has been buying iPhones for years, these chargers will use a USB-A port to connect the cable to. This means that even if you wanted to reuse your older charger, you can’t because of the rumored USB-C to Lightning cable. While there might be some environmental benefits to this alleged decision, we imagine that it will be highly inconvenient for many.

Plus it will also mean additional incurred costs to customers who will now need to seek out a USB-C charger. That being said, do take it with a grain of salt. This is because just the other day, a leaked photo showed that Apple could be preparing to bundle a 20W charger with the iPhone 12, contradicting this report in the process.

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