Back in March, we reported on a device called the Oura smart ring in which its creators teamed up with researchers and healthcare professionals to see if the device was capable of detecting the coronavirus early on. As it turns out, it is. Researchers from West Virginia University’s (WVU) Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI) and WVU Medicine have found that it is able to detect coronavirus-related symptoms up to three days early with 90% accuracy.

So why is this important? This is important because early detection means that those who are infected can get treatment before it progresses into something more severe. As the virus is racking up quite a shocking death toll, early detection could potentially save lives and also reduce the infection rate.

By being able to isolate and quarantine those who are infected, it reduces the number of people they might come into contact with and transmit the virus. The Oura ring works by asking participants to track things like their stress levels, their anxiety, memory, and also psychological biometrics.

The ring then takes this data and combines it with other factors like body temperature, heart rate, sleep patterns, respiratory rates, and so on to come to a diagnosis. That being said, it is not designed to replace actual coronavirus testing, but rather it should be used as a tool where if it thinks you have the virus, then maybe you seek medical help.

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