One of the strengths of the Philips Hue system is the brightness, in which their Hue bulbs are some of the brightest smart bulbs in the market today. However, if you thought that the bulbs could be brighter, you might be interested to learn that Philips could be working on a new lineup of smart Hue bulbs.

This is according to a report from in which they have discovered that the company could actually be working on new Hue bulbs with 1,600 lumens. This makes them twice as bright as the current Hue lineup which maxes out at 800 lumens. However, there are some drawbacks to this.

For starters, it seems that these new Hue bulbs will only be offered at warm-white with a 2,700k color temperature. So if you wanted colored options, you might be out of luck for now. Secondly, given that they are twice as bright, it also means that they will consume more energy at 15.5W per bulb.

This makes them more power hungry than your typical LED bulb, although they are still significantly lower compared to incandescent bulbs, and also lower than compact fluorescent bulbs. The company has yet to make any kind of official announcement, but they are expected to go on sale later this month for around €24.99 per bulb and will fit E27/A19 sockets.

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