Apple makes its own official battery cases for some of its iPhone models. These cases charge the iPhone by plugging into the Lightning port, and in turn it also features a Lightning port of its own that can be used to charge the case. However, Apple could be working on making it completely wireless.

In a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple is exploring the possibility of a bi-directional wireless charging battery case for the iPhone. What this means is that the case can not only charge the iPhone wirelessly, but the case itself can also be wirelessly charged which would ditch all need for cables in the future.

We should point out that if such a case were to be made, Apple would not be the first. Accessory makers such as Mophie already offer similar wireless charging cases for the iPhone, but this patent suggests that Apple might want to make something themselves. The patent also describes a pass-through system where when placed on a wireless charger, it would charge the iPhone first before charging the case.

Also what’s interesting about this patent is that it seems to tie-in with the rumors that Apple could be planning to eventually release a portless iPhone. If that were to happen, wireless charging would essentially be the only way to go about it.

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