For those who use Google’s Chrome exclusively or extensively, you probably know that the browser comes with its own password management tool where it can remember the login credentials for the websites you use (if you choose to save it). However, an update to the iOS app will expand on that feature.

In the latest beta for Chrome for iOS, it seems that Google will be expanding on its saved passwords feature where instead of only remembering passwords used in Chrome, it is being extended where it can now be used in other apps as well. This effectively turns Chrome into a password manager of sorts.

This means that if you use apps like Twitter or Facebook and you have your passwords stored to those services in Chrome, you will be able to log into those apps by recalling the passwords in Chrome. This will be similar to how other password managers like LastPass and 1Password function.

Password managers are pretty useful as they help you to remember your passwords, but can also help to generate strong passwords. If you’re new to password managers, then be sure to check out our guide on how to use a password manager to better protect and manage your online accounts. The password manager feature of Chrome is still in beta but we expect that it will eventually make its way to the main app.

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