For the most part, Google does a pretty good job at sifting out unwanted emails, such as spam and phishing emails. However, this doesn’t mean that the system cannot be improved upon, which is why Google will soon start to test allowing brands to better authenticate their emails with logos within Gmail.

This means that in the future, if you were to receive an email from an organization like a bank or a news publication that you wanted to make sure was who they say they are, these logos will kind of act like a verified badge of sorts.

According to Google, “Today, we’re excited to announce the pilot of another standard we’ve been working on: Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). Our BIMI pilot will enable organizations, who authenticate their emails using DMARC, to validate ownership of their corporate logos and securely transmit them to Google. Once these authenticated emails pass all of our other anti-abuse checks, Gmail will start displaying the logo in existing avatar slots in the Gmail UI.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can start relaxing and get complacent, but if anything, it will at least provide some sense of reassurance that the email you receive is indeed from the company that the email claims they are.

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