If there is one misgiving that people have when it comes to shopping online, it would be security, where some are worried that having their credit/debit card numbers and details stored online could potentially lead to it getting stolen. We’ve already seen that happen in various database breaches, so it is quite a legitimate concern.

However, the folks at 1Password think that they might have the answer to that problem and in a partnership with Privacy.com, the company has announced that they will now be letting users create burner credit cards.

Users will also be able to lock a particular card they’ve created to a specific merchant, which means that this virtual card can only be used with that merchant and nowhere else, so even if the numbers are stolen, the hackers won’t be able to go on a spending spree online. There will also be the ability to set spending limits, which is another security feature that would prevent a hacker from going crazy with your card even if they somehow manage to get their hands on it.

That being said, this new feature is currently only available in the US right now due to the fact that Privacy.com is only available stateside, but 1Password hints that expansion to more regions is a possibility.

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