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Firefox, 1Password Will Let Users Know If They’ve Been Breached
Despite the advancements made in cybersecurity, we are still hearing reports of system breaches more often than we’d like. Given how reliant we’ve become on online services, there is a good chance that eventually a service that you use will get hacked. The Yahoo hack from a few years ago is a good example of how even some of the bigger companies are susceptible.

1Password Extension Now Available For Microsoft Edge
When Windows 10 was released and the Edge browser alongside it, one of the gripes users had with it was that it lacked support for extensions which basically allows users to expand on the browser’s functionality. Support has since arrived and the good news is that if you’re after a password manager, 1Password’s Edge extension is now available as well.

Latest 1Password Update For iOS Auto-Copies One-Time Passwords
It is generally not recommended to use the same password for all the sites and services you use, because if a hacker were to get ahold of that password, all your accounts would be compromised. This is where password managers such as 1Password come in handy, where users can store and generate passwords without having to memorize anything.

1Password Supports The New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar & Touch ID
Some of the new features of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros is the Touch Bar and Touch ID. Now for those who rely on password managers, you’ll be pleased to learn that 1Password has been recently updated with support for both Touch Bar and Touch ID, so if you are planning on getting the new laptops, those are some new features worth checking out.


1Password Introduces $2.99 A Month Subscription Plan For Individuals
It has been suggested by security experts that we should make our passwords varied, and that we probably shouldn’t reuse the same passwords because if a hacker figured out one password, they could then attempt to apply it to all the websites and services we use, so obviously you wouldn’t want them to have the “master key”, right?

1Password For Families Launched
Password management apps are widely used by millions of people across the globe, and there’s really no shortage of apps that offer similar features, in a bid to differentiate its app from the crowd 1Password developer AgileBits has announced a new plan called 1Password for Families that provides special pricing for your loved ones.

How To Create A Strong Password, Easy To Remember
Every week, you hear about another hack or Internet scam. Often, hackers have been able to force a user password. This article will help you understand what a strong password is, and what it means. You will then be able to pick a strong password that is easy to remember for you, but hard for others (or machines) to guess.

1Password For Teams Announced
For those who are bad at remembering passwords, you might require a password manager like 1Password. This is great when you want to remember your own individual passwords, but what if you’re working in a team and you want to password protect certain files or websites? How do you ensure you team won’t forget the password and keep asking each other for it?The good news is that 1Password has recently […]

1Password Gets A 40% Discount In Wake Of LastPass Acquisition
As some of you guys have heard over the weekend, popular password manager LastPass was recently acquired by remote-access service LogMeIn. While the resources from LogMeIn will no doubt help to further develop the password manager, there are probably some LastPass users who might not be too pleased by the news.That being said it seems that to capitalize on LastPass’ sale and/or the unhappy LastPass customers, AgileBits has announced that […]

1Password For iOS Updated With A Brand New Design
If you hate entering passwords over and over again, chances are you might have turned to password managers like Lastpass or 1Password to help manage and store your login information. Now for 1Password users, you might be interested to learn that AgileBits has recently pushed out an update for its iOS app.This update will bump the app version up to 6.0 and it is a pretty substantial update. It will […]

1Password Makes Its Way Onto the Apple Watch And Into Real Life
For those who hate having to remember multiple usernames passwords for multiple websites, password managers like 1Password are a huge time saver and convenience, especially if you’re particularly forgetful. However it looks like with the launch of the Apple Watch, 1Password has found a way to bring its services to the real world.The company has recently announced on its blog that their app will be arriving for the Apple Watch. […]

1Password Integration With iOS 8 Demonstrated On Video
It has long been advocated that we should use long and complex passwords to protect our online accounts. This is because complex passwords makes it harder for anyone to guess what it is. After all, a password of “12345” is pretty easy to figure out and you don’t even need to be a hacker to try and guess it!That being said, long and complex passwords can be tricky to remember […]